Wedding Organizer
Wedding Day Rp.15.000.000Inclusive of :- Help couple to set the wedding concepts- Help couple to make wedding budgeting- Find and help to negociate with the vendors in accordance with wedding concept and budget- Remind the couple of the deadline of vendors’ payment schedule- Make time schedule in accordance with the wedding- Make checklist- 6 Professional Event Crew on Wedding Day - Technical meeting and coordinating 1 month before the event (with couple and vendors)- Organizing Run down and Wedding program at Bride and Groom’s House- Organizing Run down and Wedding program at Wedding Ceremony- Organizing Run down and Wedding program for Tea Pai Ceremony - Organizing Run down, Wedding program, and Food on Reception in accordance with couple’s concept and requests.- Organizing and coordinating with the vendors, family committee and the couple on Wedding Day and Reception- Bonus 2 Confetti- Bonus Bubble for 3 moment- Bonus 2 spot indoor fireworks
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