Muslim Wedding Traditions In Egypt

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Here are customs from some parts of the muslim world. Egyptian wedding traditions in the predominantly sunni muslim country of egypt, arab wedding traditions are steeped in egyptian culture.

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So the egyptian marriages are mostly like an arab wedding.

Muslim wedding traditions in egypt. “besm ellah el ra7man el ra7eem w hanebda2 el leila…”. However, there are still social occasions where egyptian men and women have a chance to meet each other. Marriage has special importance to egyptians.

During this ceremony, the family members of the bride revel in music, song and dance. Such a celebration lasts for 4 days and a lot of tourists get thrilled upon arriving in egypt during this festival. Henna is considered auspicious in islamic weddings.

Muslim men are permitted to choose wives from among fellow believers or from among other “people of the book”: However, on the table there are always plenty of lamb, poultry, and lots of sweets, fresh vegetables and fruits. The next step in a traditional kerala muslim wedding is when two families come together to fix a wedding date.

Elaborate processions like this one are chiefly a rural tradition of the islamic wedding ceremony. Hesham abbas’ “asma2 allah el 7osna” song. A sum of money called mahr has to be paid to the girl's family.

At the wedding table, it is forbidden to eat pork and drink alcohol. Usually, the men and women are made to sit separately, in different rooms, or have a purdah, or curtain, separating them. Photo shows, egyptian pipers and drummers playing in the garden of the koubbah palace during the wedding.

Usually at this point the wedding band moves from the right hand to the left hand to symbolise their union. In an egyptian wedding the family arranges the alliance and the groom has to bring two gifts to the girl's family. Not every muslim couple will choose to separate the genders at their wedding, but more traditional ceremonies will keep men and women apart.

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During the reception, men and women may celebrate in different rooms, be divided by a partition or simply sit at different tables. At this time the wedding contract is signed. It’s believed to bring good luck to the bride.

The country only officially recognizes islam, christianity and judaism. A popular folk dance called dabke is performed by professional dancers and then the wedding guests. Mehndi ceremony is one of the most exciting ceremonies in the muslim wedding.

The marriage takes place in the bride’s house or in a mosque. So here’s a list of 15 things that happen at every egyptian wedding. According to muslim traditions, a woman who wants to get married first needs to find a husband among friends, acquaintances, and other people of her country.

In the muslim world, marriage customs and traditions vary as much as the colors in a rainbow. Usually, this will take place at a school or in a place of work. The bride and the groom are leaving the venue.

The ’moa’khar’ is the money a muslim bride receives in case of a divorce. The nikah is attended by close family members, relatives, and friends of groom and bride. Christian couples celebrate their marriage in church conducted by a priest, which includes many traditional rituals.

Traditional islamic practices in egypt dictate that there is to be no dating or other types of interactions prior to a couple's getting married. A paste of fresh turmeric is applied on bride’s skin by her family, relatives and friends. After mutual discussion and agreement, they fix an auspicious date for the wedding.

According to the custom, when the bride and groom enter their wedding reception—typically at the groom's house—they break a plate for good luck, then are given lavash and honey by the groom's. The marriage customs of the egyptians make it easy for a couple to get to know one another, for the families meet often. The bride and her friends and family gather on the evening before the wedding to apply henna on her hands and feet.

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Gender separation is a normal part of many muslim traditions, including muslim wedding traditions. We’re honestly not sure if egyptian brides and grooms are even excited about their wedding nights anymore. Wedding reception (coptic christian wedding) maa’zoun:

Egypt has been exposed to many civilizations, such as the greek, roman and islamic ones. In modern egyptian marriages, unlike the ancient customs, the bride wears white and the groom wears black. It is followed by actual wedding, nikah, and walima, more or less the way it is done all over the muslim world.

All retain the islamic obligatory acts, which make a marriage valid and include other practices, which are individual to their surrounding cultures. Women are expected to marry only other muslims. Guests will dance shoulder to shoulder in a circle with each other.

The majority of the egyptian population is muslim, and therefore it is likely that they follow a muslim tradition, but it still depends on whether the woman is from a town or a village. The bride, hidden from view in a tentlike covering, is riding the camel. An islamic wedding procession in egypt leads the bride to the home of the groom.

The marriage is signed and registered by a maazoon—a kind of marriage registrar. It is also an islamic celebration through which muslims celebrate how ibrahim wanted to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to allah’s command but allah provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. On the evening before the wedding, the bride is joined by her sisters, cousins and close friends—all female.

This is done, in order to bring in natural glow to her face. Usually, this happens in the groom’s house in front of a priest (maulvi) from the local mosque. Muslim wedding customs around the world.

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They enjoy their wedding drink the ‘sharbat’ and proceed to cut the cake and feed each other a piece. They possess a flair that befits such a fascinating country with so much history. Traditional muslim weddings are always events of a lifetime, with every friend and distant relative attending, lavish costumes often adorned with gold or silver jewelry, and precise islamic religious rituals to be followed.

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